Lead challenging management projects to success

Management support in developing potential fields to increase earnings in technology-oriented companies

Distinguished reader:

The top management is regulary challenged to initiate and implement internal projects for strategic growth and operational improvements. Professional external support helps to master this „road work“.

For more than 20 years I have been working as consultant, project- & program-manager, interim manager (CRO Chief Restructuring Officer) and facilitator for the top management. Together with the responsible stakeholders, improvement possibilities are being identified, necessary measures are being developed and implemented. During the project I am taking a shaping and leading role in the phases „analysis“, „concept development“ and I take care of the necessary change management and implementation success.

My experience from a lot of projects in well known companies in the electro-/electronics-industry, power engineering as well as in the machine building industry and plant engineering & construction is the basis to indentify existing areas with profitability improvement possibilities along the whole value chain.

This web presence shall give you an overview of my service offering. It is my pleasure to offer you an individual solution proposition for your request without no commitment from your site Please contact me.

Jörg Lütjens

Munich, April 16th 2019